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August 25, 2004



Twenty-four-year-old Juan Miguel Delgado led Ada County Sheriff deputies on an old-fashioned cinematic car chase on the morning of Sunday, August 22. We're talking passengers bailing out of speeding stolen cars, gunshots fired backward by the driver and even a spectacular crash into a ditch to top off the spectacle. Like the best chases, though, the only casualties were a few automobile paint jobs.

The scene began rolling at 7:30 a.m., when deputies recognized a pickup truck driving near Victory and Five Mile as having been reported stolen the night before. The driver, Delgado, had a felony warrant and $25,000 bond awaiting him in Canyon County, and moved the plot along by speeding away and firing five handgun shots at his pursuers. His passenger, 25-year-old Marlene Bartrop, soon decided to leave the theater--via the passenger door--and was easily apprehended by officers.

Once on Maple Grove, Delgado rushed toward the story's climax by veering his stolen steed through a fence, a pasture and into a ditch. Having lost his trusty sidearm in the crash, the antagonist was soon tracked down to a nearby empty house by a K9 unit and collared without further incident.

The epilogue: two counts of aggravated assault, one count of eluding arrest and a count of grand theft.


The Internal Revenue Service threw Pete Rose a curveball on August 18, hitting the all-time Major League hit leader and best-selling-ghostwritten author with a charge of $973,693.28 in unpaid federal taxes. Rose, who spent five months in federal prison in 1990 and 1991 following a guilty plea to a charge of felony tax evasion, has allegedly ignored repeated requests from the IRS to eliminate years' worth of debt dating back to 1997. That year was also, coincidentally, the year that Rose applied to have his voluntary lifetime ban from baseball dismissed. That bid, like his tab to Uncle Sam, is currently "pending."


In the early hours of August 8, a 51-year-old Meridian woman was held captive in her home following a stun-gun prodding from an ex-boyfriend. The culprit, Steven Lee Waldemer, had reportedly visited the woman during the previous afternoon and, following a conversation, stunned her from behind. After depositing the woman in the bedroom, Waldemer fled the scene for long enough for her to come to and dial 911. When Meridian Police arrived to the residence, they found Waldemer returned and hiding in a closet. He faces charges of second degree kidnapping and burglary after admitting to officers that he intended to keep the victim captive in order to remove items from her home.

From the Fashion police blotter

Police in Collierville, Tennessee, are looking for a bank robber who was bedecked in a green sun dress and woman's wig while he pulled his job at a branch in a supermarket. "It was a leaf design, but muted," a woman who witnessed the holdup said of the robber's frock.

"He looked a mess," said another. Witnesses said the robber was obviously male, given away by his muscular legs and mustache. Police said the robber threatened a teller but did not show a weapon--to do so would be unladylike. As the dainty desperado fled, he covered the mustache with one hand while grasping what police said was $4,000 in the other.