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August 11, 2004


Kudos to Sara Beitia for her outstanding article in Boise Weekly ("The Compromise," News, Aug. 4). She explained stem cell technology and the controversy in a clear, concise and unbiased way.

I appreciated her article so much I have distributed copies to the students I teach and to some of my colleagues at American Institute of Health Technology.

Thank you for this excellent example of enlightening journalism.

--Patricia Brizee,



I'm not a bike rider, but I appreciated Loren Pinski's common sense suggestions regarding cycling in Boise (BW, Letters, July 28). May I add just one more? Staying in the bike lane does not mean riding on top of the white line that designates the lane. I resent those riders who behave as though the stripe is simply there as a guide so they never have to look up. Please stay to the right of the line.

I don't mind looking out for you, but you should do the same.

--Marsha McKinney,



Last week, as I watched the Democratic Convention, I was proud to be a Democrat. The convention was about hope and respect for all Americans. It was about standing up for our country and uniting our citizens. It was about real issues like employment, education and health care. It was about inclusion and regaining friendship with our allies. And it was about standing shoulder to shoulder with all Americans. Since Bill Clinton finished his eight years our country has been headed in the wrong direction, but the tide is finally turning in America and "help is on the way." It's time to put a Democrat back in the White House and more Democrats in Congress. We need to get Idahoans to care about all our residents not just the rich ones. In fact we need more Democrats in the Idaho legislature. Let's show some pride and thank our soldiers who have been tested beyond expectations. One thing I can say good about George W. Bush is that he is smarter than anyone who voted for him.

--Nancy Goodrum,



John Kerry said it best in his speech: "It is time for those who talk about family values to start valuing families." Family values means providing jobs and health care for all Americans. It means supporting education at all levels. It means real prescription drug benefits for our seniors, not benefits for drug companies. And it means not cutting pay and benefits for our soldiers and veterans who so nobly serve our country. John Kerry is the candidate who truly understands family values.

Please think about how the Bush presidency has impacted you, our country and our place in the world. Are you and your family better off now than you were four years ago? Do you see a positive future for America's children?

Let's turn things around for ourselves and for our country. Please vote for John Kerry on November 2.

--Kelly Britton,



I've been weighing both sides on the issue of homeland security and values.

The GOP spent at least $70 million investigating Clinton in the '90s and only $3 million investigating 9/11.

Spending on the cheap looking at 9/11 and spending so much going after Clinton, I wonder where the true GOP values are concerning homeland security?

--Dan Lavielle,

Seattle, WA