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Auditions for Boise's Funniest Person 2014

Runs through Saturday, June 28


Comedians don't come out of the womb cracking jokes--Bill Burr, Louis C.K. and Reggie Watts had to start somewhere. At one point, they were amateurs who yearned for the spotlight. If you have that same longing, here's your chance to show what you're made of: the second edition of Boise's Funniest Person. If you think you have the jokes, gags and banter to wow eight judges, take home $1,000 and live forever as a legend in Boise stand-up comedy lore, this is your time to shine. The brainchild of Sarah and Daniel Shamblin Foster, Boise's Funniest Person is an amateur-only competition, so if you've been paid for stand-up or have more than three months experience, you'll have to enjoy this one from the crowd. Auditions are open but space is limited. Visit for more information.