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Attack of Da Jasonz


There are many ways to celebrate the successful delivery of a well-thought-out, perfectly timed insult. Some prefer the classic maneuver of shouting "BURN!" and pointing at the victim. Others have moved to the more contemporary but no less obnoxious "SNAP!" followed up by one of those dead-finger snaps made popular by Ali G. But 18-year-old Vincent Jason Isolato of Boise and his old-enough-to-know-better friend Eric Jason Hansen, 24, are old-fashioned. Police say the pair--dubbed by the BW crime lab as "Da Jasonz"--prefer to celebrate the verbal subjugation of the innocents in the style of old-west miners and third world dictators: They shoot guns in the air.

The incident began just after 6 p.m. last Friday, when two men in a passing car yelled a lewd comment at an underaged girl walking with her 17-year-old brother near the Boise Towne Square mall. Big Brother tossed a few heated words back in defense of Lil Sis, and the gauntlet was thrown down. Da Jasonz allegedly turned their ride around and pulled up next to the increasingly freaked out siblings and displayed handguns, with Hansen firing his into the air. The teens ran into the mall, and Da Jasonz reportedly followed, possibly while still holding their weapons. Big Brother urged Lil Sis to hide in the bathroom while he called police.

Officers soon showed up with sirens blaring and apprehended Da Jasons after a short car case down Cole Road. The final tally: two felony counts of aggravated assault, one of using a firearm during the commission of a felony and a marijuana possession charge each for both Isolato and Hansen. Isolato was also charged with a felony count of eluding police, and Hansen faces unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charges.

But they'll always have that wonderful, wonderful burn to look back on.