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Atomic Tom

Tuesday, Feb. 1, Neurolux


When Atomic Tom's instruments were stolen late last year, the Brooklyn-based rock band did what any hard-working group would do ... they made do with the tools at hand: their iPhones. Using instrument apps--piano/vocals, drums, guitar and bass--the foursome performed their single "Take Me Out" for an unwitting (but apparently not unwilling) audience in a New York City subway car full of passengers

The video of the performance has been viewed more than 4 million times, and as we know, a well-watched Youtube video can be a musician's direct line to success. That and an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Right, Justin Bieber?

The foursome play Boise on Tuesday, Feb. 1, and while they probably have new instruments by now, here's hoping they'll iPhone-in an encore of that performance. James Orr, who is everywhere lately, opens.