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Atomic Mama Releases Debut EP

Friday, Jan. 20, at The Linen Building


Editor's note: The price for this show has been raised from $5 to $7.

After a serendipitous breakout set at a house party kegger, Atomic Mama has blown up in the span of one year. Operating between the spheres of traditional rock 'n' roll and crystalline electronica, Atomic Mama's sound is supernatural. It's rumored that duo Dan Kerr and Jake Warnock were weened in a gypsy camp and left in the wild with Casiotone and Moog synthesizers.

The two craft a blues foundation on which to explore the eccentricities of their colorful electronic inclinations. The tracks are sometimes ethereal, sometimes gritty, but always catchy.

Atomic Mama will celebrate its new album, Bodies in the Sun, on Friday, Jan. 20, with a CD release bash/dance party. The $7 entry fee gets you a download of the EP four days early, plus the chance to say, "I knew Atomic Mama before Atomic Mama was cool."