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There's Something In The Atmosphere

Sunday, Aug. 21, Eagle River Pavilion


On Sunday, Aug. 21, the Eagle River Pavilion will play host to the not-always-sunny hip-hop of Atmosphere--the Minneapolis-based project of rapper Sean "Slug" Daley and beatmaker/DJ/producer Anthony "Ant" Davis, whose music often has a positive message but also lives in the dark side.

Atmosphere's newest release, The Family Sign (Rhymesayers Entertainment), is a more serious venture than some of the act's previous material and shows that their creativity has matured as they have. Slug and Ant don't mince words or rely solely on metaphor, and the new single, "The Last To Say," is a very direct tale of the cycle of child abuse. It opens with vivid imagery: "As far back as he cares to remember / he used to see his old man lose the temper / And Mama's pretty face would catch it all."

Atmosphere's messages may be a little gloomy, but seeing them live--especially outdoors--is definitely a day-brightener.

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