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At The Top Of Your Rope, There's Nowhere To Go But Down

Web series looks at the joys and jabs of backyard wrestling


The world of backyard wrestling is one filled with razor blades, chairs, tables, pride and undoubtedly, virgins. In Top Rope--the Web series from Dave Seger and Tom Kaufmann who created the Sarah Silverman Show Internet extras--you become immersed in the life of Greg (Randall Park), a mild-mannered real estate agent in his mid-30s who hosts a wrestling league in the back yard of one of the houses he is showing.

Greg deals with the struggle between a passion for wrestling he developed in high school and his conscience telling him that it's time to grow up. Whenever he is ready to commit to adult life, his oaf of a friend Bill (Brady Novak) is always there to rope him back into the ring. When Greg shows a house to a couple, he loses the sale because Bill is out back body-slamming the couple's child to a makeshift mat.

Although Top Rope rarely delves into anything serious, Park anchors the show as he explores an attraction to wrestling and the extremes people will go to in order to put on some neon Spandex and enter the ring.