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At Sun Valley Film Festival, Vision Honoree Geena Davis Calls Out Industry on Gender Equity


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She's been a president (Commander in Chief), a pirate (Cutthroat Island), a pitcher (A League of their Own) and a pet whisperer (The Accidental Tourist). On Saturday night, Geena Davis was an honoree, picking up the third annual Vision Award from the Sun Valley Film Festival.

In front of a glammed-up audience at Sun Valley's Roundhouse Restaurant, perched 8,000 feet up Mt. Baldy, Saturday night's capstone event put the spotlight on Davis, her Oscar-winning career and her Institute on Gender in Media, advocating for filmmakers to bring more gender equity and reduce stereotyping of females by the still-male-dominated industry.

"Our motto is 'If they see it, they can be it,'" said Davis. "Let me give you an example: My archery coach called me a while back and said he had noticed something when looking at the graphs of people who participate in archery. And in 2012, the participation of girls skyrocketed. The graph went up 105 percent in one year. Well, that's the year that Brave and Hunger Games both came out. It was girls seeing female characters as archers."

Davis took up archery in 1997 and quickly became one of the most accomplished archers in the U.S.

At Saturday night's SVFF Vision Dinner, Davis added that the film industry's gender inequality "could be fixed overnight."

"The very next movie somebody makes can be gender-balanced. The very next TV show someone creates, especially for little kids, can be gender balanced," said Davis. "If they see it, they can be it."

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