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Dick from Homedale hates care from Obama


Cope you mentally sicko maggot spincker,

Ha Ha Ha Ha on you, libwad! What you thinking now of your dummy president Barrack "Who's Sane" Obama, now that we all can see he can't even start a Interweb netsight without flopping up it. Oh I forgot. You can't think anything without hearing it first from some NCMBS oinker slurp like Ed Shlutz or Rachal Maddow. I call her "Ratchet Mad-Cow" and everybody I know thinks what a good thing to call her. Except my wife, Belinda who says "Maybe you would like her show if you ever watched her show Dick."

Then I said "So I supose you love Ratchet Mad-Cow now." and Belinda stomped off and slammed the door like Id' was calling her a lespian. Which she's not one of. But you don't need to know anything about my Belinda, so butt out, perv! And if you think I'm goning sign up for Obamacare just because she's been sick lately, you got other thinks coming, you bag of rat vomit. We don't not need any socialist health options in this trailer, not as long as I might get a job some day and Belind'as still able to get out of bed and get to her car wash job. I'll rather have no insurance at all than Who's Sane's insurance, Which is ecxatly what I got. No insurance.

And I couldn"t sign up even if I wanted to because of all those computor glikches. Even if I had a computor. Ted Cruz and Rawl Labordoor and them was right all along. Obamacare is a train wrack. All because we have that weakling for presidnet and libsuck braindead minyion sinkopants like you whose voted for him. I'd say the only thing wrong with the USA is that they let lozers like you vote!--Dick from Homedale

Ah, my favorite Homedaler,

I've been wondering when I'd hear from you, Dicky. I can always count on you to express the delight in conservative thought streams whenever a philanthropic impulse or an act of decency is denied.

I'm awfully sorry to hear your Belinda isn't feeling well, buddy. You said only that she'd been sick, which could be anything from a bout with Mr. Flu to stage four... er, let us leave that thought unsaid. I'll just hope it's nothing serious, especially since I'm assuming she isn't insured, either.

Speaking of insurance and not having it, allow me explain how this Obamacare deal is going to play out. I know how elated you must be that there have been plenty of problems here in the birthing stages of the program. But, Dicky, as your friend, I must warn you not to set your hopes too high. You see, someone is going to fix those problems. Yup, count on it. That's what happens to glitches in technology--they get fixed. Perhaps you're too young to remember a little thing called "Y2K," but believe me, it was a big glitch. Much bigger than any of the problems associated with the Obamacare website. In fact, there were people hoarding toilet paper in anticipation of what a big, big glitch Y2K might prove to be.

In the end, though, it didn't change a thing. It got fixed, Dicky. And by now, people have forgotten it ever happened. Now certainly, I would have to agree that someone should have been more on the Obamacare ball as to the potential for such a "snafu." And that's especially true since the law mistakenly allowed for leaving implementation up to the states, far too many of which are run by barbarian goons who abhor any effort to help their fellow Americans, be it food stamps, disaster relief, Medicaid, whatever. (No offense to the barbarian goons who run Idaho. Hey, I'm just sayin'...)

Also, as I'm sure you know, the construction of the site was dealt out to private contractors, and we should have learned by now that private contractors filling government functions are about as dependable as pigs being assigned to protect a picnic basket. Really, we look at the monumentally sloppy (and grossly overpriced) work of firms such as Haliburton and KBR, the corruption and venality of virtually any defense contractor you can name, the malfeasance of that big private prison outfit here in Idaho and the failure of faux-education providers like K-12, Inc., and we have to wonder if private enterprise can get anything right. Right? Listen, I'm not saying there isn't a place for big bloated businesses in our world. Just keep them out of the way of government, is all I would ask.

(Ha Ha on you, Dick. Just screwing with ya'.)

Of course, the end of this story is that Americans will soon be wondering why we haven't had something like Obamacare all along, not only for what it does for the uninsured, but for the protection it provides against these junk policies that don't cover squat. And since the problems will inevitably get fixed, people will also realize that our government just might not be so inept after all.

And that's the fun of it, Dick. Over and over, Republicans prove to be so myopic, so lacking in thoughtfulness, so long on criticism and so short on solutions, they can't even see the corner they're constantly painting themselves into. Silly, silly tea baggers. Watching their antics in Congress is like watching schoolyard bullies do their blustery, blow-hardy buffoonery, while knowing that most of the country has already passed them by.

Once again, I pray Belinda's health issues are nothing serious. I'll close by wishing you and her the very best. Which, by the way, Dick, for people in your situation, would undoubtedly be Obamacare. Hey, just sayin'...