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Asimina Chremos at Balance Dance Company

Friday, March 14


What do crocheting and dance have in common? Asimina Chremos. In the time it would take to say her name five times fast, Chremos could: A) create a dance piece, B) crochet a delicate free-form doily or C) both of those things, depending how much you struggle through the consonants.

Pittsburgh-based Chremos is an accomplished artist who has been training in dance since she was a child. In a statement on her website, she writes she has studied Aikido and practices contemplative dance regularly.

"However, at the root of all my work is my ongoing exploration of freeform, spontaneous movement. I am concerned with ongoingness, continuance and flow, and evolution through repetition," Chremos writes.

See the results of her exploration on Friday, March 14, at 7 p.m., when Chremos puts on a dance performance in the Boise Contemporary Theater Rehearsal Loft. Admission is free.

Later this month, in collaboration with Balance Dance Company, Chremos will be one of three instructors teaching a master dance class March 21-23. The class is for dancers age 13 and older who possess an intermediate skill level and costs $180 to attend.