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Asian Boy, Archie's Place Soup Club and Dark Days of December

Plus info on December's Food Truck Rally


Boise's newest food trailer, Asian Boy BBQ, had its grand opening Nov. 29, on the corner of Overland and Cloverdale roads in the parking lot of Computer Central.

Asian Boy combines three trends that show no signs slowing: food trucks, barbecue and banh mi sandwiches. The truck's menu boasts an eclectic mash-up of flavors, including dishes like the Aporkalips sandwich, which features slow-cooked, marinated pork stuffed inside two large dinner rolls, and Thai-seasoned chicken wings on a stick. But other than french fries or kiwi mango salsa with wonton chips, vegetarians are out of luck.

Asian Boy is open Noon-7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. For more information, call 208-283-9107.

Speaking of food trucks, Archie's Place recently debuted its Soup Club punch card. You can select from three different options: The $20 silver membership gets you five bowls of soup ($5 savings); the $30 gold membership gets you five bowls of soup and a copy of Archie's Little Book of Soups ($5 savings); and the $50 platinum membership gets you 10 bowls of soup and a copy of Archie's Little Book of Soups ($10 savings). Card-holders have six months to redeem their punches.

For more info, visit

And if you want to sample some of the soup at Archie's while chowing down on Brown Shuga Soul Food's heavenly mac 'n' cheese, head over to the monthly Food Truck Rally at North End Organic Nursery on Friday, Dec. 9, from 5-9 p.m. Other food trucks that will be on hand include Stuck in Your Grill Asian Boy BBQ and RiceWorks, along with a beer garden by Payette Brewing.

Speaking of suds, Bittercreek Ale House officially kicked off Dark Days of December on Dec. 5, by tapping three kegs of Laughing Dog's Dogfather imperial stout--one from 2009, one from 2010 and one from 2011. Every Monday throughout the month, Bittercreek will raid its cellar and offer a vertical tasting of a dark beer from a different brewery. Monday, Dec. 12, will feature Full Sail Brewing; Monday, Dec. 19, will boast three specialty kegs from Mikkeller, and Monday, Dec. 26, will showcase three years of Deschutes' Abyss. You can quaff these delicious dark drinks from your own Dark Days of December etched glass, which is available for $6 empty or $10 filled with beer.

In addition to DDD, Bittercreek will also add 11 new stouts and porters to its beer menu throughout the month. Eff, yes.