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As Tall As Lions, Mousy Brown, James Orr; Aug. 13


Any show in which the trumpet player warms up by playing John William's theme to Jurassic Park is bound to be a wild ride. It's been awhile since I last heard As Tall as Lions, but I was pleased with how the band's sound has evolved. Complex and borderline psychedelic riffs dominated the evening, alternating between heavy and emotive to laid-back and jazzy. Apart from soul-scratching trumpet and jiving bass, the band had an array of toys to further enhance the experience--like singing through a megaphone and a strange funnel device, creating vocals echoing down a long tunnel and crafting a faux-lonely wind whipping through the PA for the closing number.

Newly formed local band Mousy Brown kicked off the evening, playing their debut show at a public venue. The band combines numerous Boise talents from former projects and bands, crafting a sound infused with elements of blues, hardcore and melodious keyboard. The band was equally capable of delivering jarring fist shakers as they were of somber chords that more than once sent a shiver down my spine. Mousy Brown's debut release Basement Disco Lights EP was fresh off the press, having just arrived that morning. In between Mousy Brown and ATAL, James Orr crafted a soundscape of layered guitars, drums and keys, prepping the launch pad to the new worlds, which As Tall as Lions explored.