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Arts News: Fowler House Collage, MASSV Canceled, Gallery Five18

Looking to relocate


The collage hanging in Bricolage, created by local artist Theresa Burkes, is tall and narrow. Shreds from a tattered magazine fall like autumnal leaves from a house down the long, white space of the work. At 24 inches by 50 inches, the work, which depicts the Fowler House in Boise's Central Addition neighborhood, is awkward by design.

That's because the Fowler House, as with many historic homes in the Central Addition, has been passively threatened by neglect--and is now actively under threat of demolition by Trilogy Development, which is planning to build a surface parking lot near the corner of Fifth and Myrtle streets. Burkes' collage, intentionally or not, reflects the historic home's uncertain future.

As part of a fundraising campaign for the Preservation Idaho Central Addition Fund, Burkes' piece is up for auction. After making its debut at Bricolage during First Thursday, it will make a circuit of downtown sites, accumulating bids until the end of May, when the collage's new owner will claim his or her prize.

Apart from bids--which can be made by emailing Kathleen Barrett at Idaho is also soliciting suitable sites where the historic Fowler, Beck and Jones houses might be relocated.

While old Boise houses are looking for new locations, MASSV Music Festival has found a new time following events that led to the cancellation of MASSV 2014. According to a Facebook post dated May 2, the "party music" festival, which was set to run July 25-26, was canceled due to snags in the event permitting process, but announced it will continue in 2015.

"Since we lost a year in space, MASSV will be twice as intergalactic when the spaceship returns," the page administrator wrote.

People who have already bought tickets to MASSV 2014 will be refunded the ticket price and receive tickets to MASSV 2015 at half price.

And if you guessed that the number of participating artists in the May 3 Gallery Five18 grand opening was five, 18 or 518, you'd be wrong: The correct answer is 19. Some recognizable personages from the Boise-area art scene, including the likes of Jerri Lisk, Anne Klahr, Carl Rowe, Karen Bubb, and Mark and Swede Lisk, showed their work at the new gallery, located at 518 Americana Blvd.