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Week in Review: Artistic Surprises in Unique Spaces


From the Artist Sweatshop at Crooked Fence Brewing to a jaw-dropping afterparty performance by a Boise up-and-comer at The Crux, there were an abundance of artistic surprises in unique spaces for those who sought them out last week.

First Thursday, Oct. 4, Boise's new crop of Artists in Residence in BODO's Mercantile, Northrup and Urban Renewal buildings hurriedly worked to set up their spaces. According to Boise Weekly's Sheree Whiteley:

"The art-curious wound their way to the top floors of the Northrup Building to seek out artists Tyler James Bush--who displayed intricate outfits on mannequins and wooden candles--and Boise newcomer Abby Christensen. Bush and Christensen were quick to note that they had just begun setting up their new studios, as was Tuong Anh Ens, who will occupy the Renewal space."

Down the street, BW's Andrew Crisp swung by another nontraditional art space, Mr. Peabody's Optical Shoppe, to check out a new pooch-themed show by the former owner of Gallery Alexa Rose.

"Alexa Rose Howell presented Spectacular Dogs, which included paintings of a French bulldog pooch named Maurice, along with other canines the artist made up," said Crisp.

The following evening, Crisp made his way to Garden City for another unique show by a group of local artists, including Cale Cathey, Kelly Knopp, Grant Olsen and Noble Hardesty.

"Artists penned foaming-mouthed zombies, stark white skeletons and other monsters Oct. 5 under the watchful eye of a group of patrons at Crooked Fence Brewery's second Artist Sweatshop. The event brought dozens of visitors to snap up original work by nearly a dozen local artists on the cheap."

Back in Boise, Beach House fans crowded into the Egyptian Theatre Oct. 5 for a much-anticipated performance by the Baltimore dream poppers. A sizeable pool gathered in front of the theater's stage before the band kicked off its set.

Back-lit by the glow of a single light, her wild hair silhouetted against the dark of the stage, Beach House singer Victoria Legrand launched into the track "Wild," off the band's most recent album, Bloom. It was an arresting moment that briefly silenced the packed Egyptian, as a crashing wave of the band's signature, guitar-and-keyboard-drenched dream pop washed over them. And the rest of the show followed suit, with equal measures of style and echoing emotion.

After the concert, Beach House ticket-holders funneled into The Crux for an afterparty with Boise's Hot Lava, Portland, Ore.'s Wooden Indian Burial Ground and the lovely Lionsweb.

Comprised of Boise's Bronwyn Leslie, Lionsweb quieted the packed coffeehouse by launching into a folksy, a cappella number with a crowd of rapt listeners wrapped around her. She made her way to a piano, where she belted out the remainder of her lilting, yet powerfully soulful tracks. This lady is one to keep your eye on.