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Artbent Productions: Chiaroscuro



Saying Chiaroscuro is at Boise Contemporary Theater is only half right. The exhibit comprising images, music and dance will be actually be housed inside a building inside BCT.

"It's a 20-foot by 40-foot 'building' made out of Mylar. It's like a giant gallery the audience will be inside of," said local visual artist Kristen Hill, who designed the concept and collaborated with cellist Kyla Davidson (Boise Philharmonic) and dancer Katie Ponozzo (Idaho Fine Arts Academy). "It's kind of like a shadowbox," she added.

While the audience is inside the gallery, the installation will be taking place on the other side of the walls, with an interplay of light, shadow, color, shape, movement and sound. Hill hopes to create rich interactions between art, audience and viewers: "Chiaroscuro is more than an installation," she said. "It's an experience."

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