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Art Exhibit Reception

Wednesday, March 5


Boise State's Art Department is putting the spotlight on a pair of Japanese artists this week. Art by Yuji Adachi and Naohiko Watanabe has recently been put on display in the campus gallery, and now you have the opportunity to hear them talk about their art. By day, both artists are employed as professors at Japan's legendary art and design school Nagoya Zokei University, yet their styles are completely polar opposite of one another. Adachi's pieces are edgy, with a distinct, other-worldly aspect to them as he focuses mainly on illustrating tales of mystery, while Watanabe's art aims to get back to the roots of Japanese art, using flowers and floral prints heavily in his work. The two will present an artists' lecture in the Boise State Student Union Building, followed by a reception in the gallery where their art will be on display for another month.