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Art Deck-O Skate Deck Auction



Anyone who thinks a skateboard isn't a medium for art should be told to shuvit—and then be told about the fifth annual Art Deck-O, presented by Swell Artist Collective and Pabst Brewing Co., at The Olympic on Friday, Feb. 3. Founded by local artist, skate aficionado and Swell co-owner Kelly Knopp, local artists are asked to turn blank decks into works of art—they do not disappoint—which are then auctioned off. Thirty-four clever creators contributed works and, this year, they will get a bigger piece of the pie, with 75 percent of proceeds benefiting artists and 25 percent going to support Swell.

Like a longboard racer, Art Deck-O whips right by. Even so, it serves a greater purpose.

"It's all done in one evening, so it's a really quick, really exciting way to hop up art-gallery sales," said Knopp.

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