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Army Partners With Boise-Based US Ecology on Vet Jobs Program


At a ceremony in the U.S. Bank Building, the U.S. Army signed a deal with Boise-based US Ecology, creating an employment pipeline for veterans to the firm following their terms of service.

"The soldiers win because they get to work for a company that is respected in the community," said Lt. Col. Carl D. Whitman, who is the U.S. Army Salt Lake City Battalion commander, prior to signing the agreement.

The deal allows Army enlistees to get job training and qualify for positions at US Ecology after being discharged, or following their military training. In return, enlistees sign a statement of intent that they will work for the company. When they near the end of their terms of service, they interview for specific positions.

US Ecology partners with companies and government entities for environmental consultation and regulatory compliance, site cleanup, and ancillary industrial and environmental services, including recycling, and hazardous and nuclear waste disposal. Founded in 1952, it operates in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Jeff Feeler, US Ecology president and CEO, said the company has long employed veterans, and the new partnership with the Army will prime its pump with new employees who hold values of service, respect, hard work and integrity, in addition to qualifications they may receive during their time in the military.

"We look for more than just talent when we ask for someone to join our team," he said.