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Arco! Polo!


In an effort to see more of Idaho, I recently ventured east beyond the turn to Hailey. On my way to my overnight base at Lost River Motel in Arco, I stopped in Bliss at Devil's Washbowl, where the Mallad River plunges into a 250-foot deep gorge. Several things in Arco were a surprise to me. When approaching, there is something visible yet unidentifiable on Arco Hill, a rocky butte that towers over the town. As you get close, you see huge numbers painted all over the rock, a class tradition since 1920. It was the first community in the world ever to be lit by nuclear-powered electricity, in 1951. Next to the motel sits the conning tower of USS Hawkbill (SSN-666) commonly referred to as "The Devil's Boat" because of chapter 13 in the book of Revelation. In talking to some locals working on the sail, I learn about little nuisances of life in Arco. One of these men is the caretaker of the mighty sail and proudly takes great care in doing so. An afternoon drive further north took me past Mackay to do some reconnaissance at the trailhead of Mt. Borah. I'm feeling the need to climb that sucker. But the main purpose of my trip was to visit Craters of the Moon. I was not disappointed with the surreal terrain, amazing caves and the incredible geology lesson I received about this fine state. If you haven't been, plan a trip to visit this treasure that calls Idaho home. Isn't it enough that it's a national monument, for goodness sake?