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Archaelyda, Nov. 21, The Venue


Being a talented musician does not guarantee the discovery of other musicians who are similarly talented, share your musical vision, or create a cohesive band chemistry. These factors seldom all line up, but when they do the music created is exceptional. Such is the case with Boise experimental metalers, Archaelyda. On Saturday night, the band took the stage at the Venue and released such a ferocious torrent of metal, my already high expectations for the show were exceeded. It's been several months since their last gig and since then the band has honed their skills and their songwriting to a new degree.

When Archaelyda plays, the result is like riding an ocean wave during a storm: The music ebbs and flows, constantly taking new and unexpected directions. Ultimately, you never know which musical current you will be caught in or what foreign shoreline you'll eventually crash into. The pinnacle of the performance was a hybrid reggae and metal, during which guitarists Ryan Hondo and Jason Chacon traded guitar riffs like dueling wizards casting spells upon each other. This grooving and chill beat juxtaposed with a clash of shrieking metal made for an auditory sensation that was otherworldly. Much to my disappointment, the set ended a mere 15 minutes in when the Venue closed up shop for the night. However, Archaelyda also played an open mic night on Sunday at the Bouquet, hopefully the start of more to come.