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April 5, 2006


"Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind." —Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones

Dear Dream Zone, I had dream that I went to the bathroom on my chair at work, but it was not the chair that I use, it was a wooden chair. Then I had trouble trying to clean myself, looking for wet wipes and all. —Paula 45, Liverpool, NY

Lauri: It sounds like there may have been some frustration at work that you had been "holding in" until you just couldn't hold it anymore! Have you recently released or let loose in some way at work? The wood chair may simply mean that it was something that was "hard" for you to do. And the fact that you had difficulty cleaning yourself up indicates that you are feeling waking life concern that you may have a made a "mess" of the situation and are looking for ways to "wipe" the slate clean just as you were looking for wipes in the dream. For all intents and purposes, doing number one and even number two in a dream is a good thing. Holding in frustration is just as painful as holding in number one. It needs to be released ... you may have just released your frustration at the wrong time or the wrong place. Nonetheless, you got it out and must feel a heckuva lot better now!

Paula replies: This has some people at work laughing; you hit the nail right on the head! There is nothing but arguing and orders being given out here and I have always been the peacemaker in the office. I have now stopped. Couldn’t take it anymore!

Fascinating Dream Fact: Shakira says her new hit single "Hips Don't Lie" came to be after she had a dream about Wyclef Jean. She dreamt of him one night and the next day Wyclef contacted her manager about working together. When the message finally got to Shakira, she knew she had to work with him!