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April 19, 2006


“The Dream is an invaluable commentator and illuminator of life. Listen to the wisdom of the dream.” —Carl Jung

Dear Dream Zone, I dreamed I was in an all male prison. I was with a black man whom I trusted and we were trying to escape. We squeezed through a hole in a closet and fell into a sand pit. As I was squeezing through a hole in a fence to get out of the prison I woke up. —Katie 40, Manteca, CA

Lauri: Are you feeling trapped, or “squeezed out” of some area of your life? The all male prison points to issues with a particular man or even several men. The unknown black man is your ability to get out of this tough situation. People of different races in our dreams often stand in for parts of our personality we do not recognize or that we suppress. It is this unknown part of your personality that you may need to call upon again in the future, so embrace the black men that show up in your dreams!! You escape through a closet. Closets symbolize secrecy. Are you secretly wanting out of something? Falling off the wall represents your fear of failure and of getting stuck yet again (the sand pit). But you made it through, which means you have successfully freed yourself in waking life!!

Katie replies: At the time of my dream, my boss had left the company. She always kept me informed on things and depended on me to organize meetings and luncheons. The MAN who stepped in to help out left me out of all these areas viewed me as a gofer and nothing more. I did feel trapped. I began looking for other employment when I sat down and realized that this is only temporary, that I can make it through the next few weeks. Thank you.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Recent studies show that 80 percent of men and 60 percent of women dream about work-and those dreams are rarely pleasant. Half of the people studied described their dreams as flat-out nightmares. And 25 percent experienced work-related nightmares at least once a week!