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April 12, 2006


"Dreams reveal stuff about you that you didn't know was there." —Clara Hill

Dear Dream Zone, I was rushing around getting ready to sing in a choir performance when I caught sight of my reflection in a mirror. To my surprise, I had a patch of ivy growing out of the top of my head! It was a small, attractive vine and matched my highlights! An old college boyfriend was reading a newspaper in a chair and said, “Why are you wearing a hat?” I told him it wasn't a hat, it was ivy growing out of my head and he said, “Don't you think you should have somebody look at that?” I said, “Yes, but who do I see? A hairdresser, a doctor or a gardener?” We both burst out laughing. —Amy 48, Toronto, ON

Lauri: Now that's a good joke, sister!! This is a great dream and is saying that you've become quite fond with some idea, or opinion that has “sprouted” from your head recently. What has really started to “grow on you?” Vines cling and therefore may symbolize "sticking" to an idea or project. You seem to be feeling quite good about yourself and your new idea lately, even though it may have seemed odd in the beginning. This dream is showing you that you really "wear it well!"

Amy replies: At the time of the dream I had founded a new choir with a talented conductor. I became the defacto executive director. This choir, which was my idea, has now taken on a life of its own. It is a bit weird and new for me, but good for me and, as you say, I wear it well. It really was a wonderful dream, and even more wonderful now that I understand it.

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