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Another Reason to Stay In Bed


Another Reason to Stay In Bed

As the case of Amber Young and her masked man illustrates, homes aren't always as insulated from dangerous potential felons as homeowners intend. However, the outside world isn't necessarily any safer. Out there, if it can be believed, criminals are even dumber, and they've got more space to move around and put random people in danger.

Last Friday, a trio of menaces validated the author's agoraphobia when they tried to lure police into a high-speed chase on 8th Street (speed limit: 25-mph) near the Hollywood Market. The suspects' black Jeep jetted past officers as they were heading over to the Market, about which they had received a burglary report around 4:45 a.m. The suspects quickly lost Johnny Law, as well as another officer (Jimmy Law?) who tried to pursue the jeep after witnessing it run a red light at 9th and Hayes.

It looked bleak, but the officers soon found their suspects practically gift wrapped--that is, wrapped around a pole at 9th and River streets.

They pulled Victor J. Wolf, 20, of Lewiston out of the rubble, along with two teenagers whose names have not been released. Wolf was treated at a local hospital before being arrested for grand theft auto and burglary. His companions are still in the hospital and have not been charged.

Police believe the three are responsible for seven "smash and grab" burglaries, in which they allegedly stole cash, smokes and beer from local convenience stores and vandalized several stores and businesses.