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Another Reason to Bike to Work


Last week, police in Idaho Falls found a terrifying arsenal in an unexpected place: along the side of the road. You know ... out where all the convicted felons sullenly wander around in bright orange onesies. Eep.

The three guns officers picked out of the weeds included a loaded Winchester 12-gauge shotgun, a loaded 40-caliber Glock semi-automatic pistol and an empty Taurus .357 pistol. All three rods were turned over to the Bingham County sheriff's office, and they could end up as evidence against Jose Merced Zamora, an Idaho Falls man who was arrested following a high speed chase on Monday, February 5. Earlier that evening, Zamora reportedly squeezed off a round at a party and then popped another at a random motorist on Interstate 15. Considering that the only reported empty gun among the three was the .357... eep eep eep.