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Another Idaho School District Wants Stricter Dress Code


Payette High School - PAYETTE COUNTY
  • Payette County
  • Payette High School

Payette is the latest Idaho school district considering a stricter student dress code, calling its new proposed policy "Dress for Success."

The Payette School Board is combing through the suggested policy, which bans jeans, requires shirts have collars and states students only wear red, black, white, gray or tan colored clothing. 

Payette County's current student dress code forbids "clothing with writing, printing, or a picture that is obscene, sexually suggestive, or that promotes the use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs/controlled substances." Hats and head apparel are also not allowed.

The Ontario Argus Observer reports nearly 80 citizens appeared at the Dec. 14 Payette School Board meeting, where a number of parents said purchasing new wardrobes for their children would cause financial burden. The board agreed to create a committee to work on the drafted proposal, with input from teachers, parents students and board members. A final decision is expected by March 2016.

In a letter to parents and staff, Payette School District Superintendent Pauline King points to uniform-style dress "adopted by other area schools" as a reason for the "Dress for Success" proposal.