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Anonymously Single: 'Paul,' Part Two

"When someone shows they love you every other day of the year, does Valentine's Day even matter?"


I'm sure you're wondering with a guy like that, how is she still single? Let's just say, of all the men I've dated and all the men I'll tell you about, he is the one that gets to me. Sometimes after I've settled for another conjugal visit from the ex or I've been on another bad date where I've mentally outlined my escape route, I think about "Paul" (not his real name). Why did I let him go? Will anyone ever love me like he did? Who else is going to put up with my nonsense?

Paul was great at the first few dates and then it slowly came out that maybe those dates were a little beyond his means. Dinner dates, boat rides and swing dancing quickly became chicken breasts at the house and walks on lunch hours. At the time I had just started to see what it was like to taste success at work. I imagined myself in a fancy house and had just bought my first brand-new car.

I'm ashamed to say that I had a big head and thought I could do better. I wasn't ready to live in his fixer upper. I had yet to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines, so I didn't realize what kind of potential was there.

For Valentine's Day we joined my grandparents for dinner. I had dinner with them every week and Paul didn't have the money so it was an easy solution. I remember thinking that he would get me flowers or chocolate since my grandparents were treating. After a nice dinner we were going home and he asked me why I was so upset. The next day he brought me flowers and chocolate, but the moment had passed. I was mentally checked out.

Looking back, I'd give anything to have that dinner again and not be upset about something so trivial. When someone shows they love you every other day of the year, does Valentine's Day even matter?

Have you been there? Have you pushed someone away for a stupid reason? Cheers to not making the same mistake twice.

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