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Anonymously Single: Post-Halloween Costumes


Do you ever feel like Halloween isn't the only time we dress up like someone else? Sometimes I feel like I put on a costume or pretend to be someone else when I'm dating. I'm a confident person with a close group of friends, but sometimes when I go on a couple of dates or am in a full-blown relationship, I feel like I lose myself in the other person. It doesn't matter if it's the first date or first anniversary. I feel like sometimes I have to put on a costume to cover up who I really am.

It starts from the very beginning. Overlooking red flags, laughing at jokes that aren't funny, pretending I like BBQ... When I get on a dating app I waste so much time analyzing the pictures I put on my profile. How's my smile? Do I look fat? I need one that's full body. I should get one that shows I like to travel. Do I look like I'm funny? After I'm done with my own profile, I have to swipe through dozens only to judge them on the same crap I hope they aren't judging me on. It's exhausting.

How are we supposed to meet anyone in this dating environment? If I could truly be myself on an app, what would I say? I like my job and want a career, but sometimes I keep myself up at night wondering if I am ever going to get married. At this point I would have a "geriatric pregnancy" and am afraid I wouldn't be able to give you kids. I am outgoing and am up for almost anything, but sometimes I just want to binge-watch Netflix. I appreciate the outdoors, but I am afraid to hike anything more challenging than Table Rock because I don't want you to hear me panting or see how much my face sweats. I love to travel, but like my girls' trips, so sometimes you wouldn't be invited.

What mask do you wear in relationships? Cheers to showing your true self!

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