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Anime Oasis Shine

Runs through Monday, May 25


The 2015 Anime Oasis ups its always high-level education and entertainment factors with special guests, contests, panels, parties and more. Go head-to-head with other anime addicts to see who's the geekiest, and get your geek on with some knowledgeable nerds from Boise Public Library; come out for some closet cosplay; free-up some time for Homestuck; dress up for the J-Fashion Show; go wheels down at the roller disco party; listen to the future of sound with Hatsune Miku at Mikuasis; laugh at the unorthodox humor of Convention Improv and Fine Young Deviants; marvel at a (8)bit of music by Shintarou; meet voice actors Ai Maeda (Digimon Adventure), Sean Schemmel (Dragonball Z) and Todd Haberkorn (Hetalia, Full Metal Alchemist); and more.