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Ani DiFranco

March 24, Revolution Concert House


Depending on whom you ask, Ani DiFranco is either a music pioneer, a feminist culture hero or the answer to "Who's playing at Lilith Fair?" She is all three and unlike many others who have been at the forefront of a musical/cultural movement, DiFranco has stood the test of time: She has released more than 20 albums over the course of her career (more than 40 if you count recordings of live concerts) on her independent label, Righteous Babe Records.

Along with being a monumentally prolific musician, DiFranco is still an activist and continues to support a variety of social and political causes.

Seemingly tireless, she'll return to the City of Trees on Tuesday, March 24, to remind us just how good she is—and maybe inspire a few of us to get out there and do something.