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Angry Birds: An Obsession


Currently, this unbearably addictive little game is the top-selling app on iTunes (it has passed the 10 million sales mark), but word has it that Angry Birds will soon be available for game consoles. Lord help us all.

But for now, the little game is mobile only and if it looks like all of your friends and coworkers have gone emo, they haven't. They aren't staring at their shoes: Their eyes are down, glued to their phones, unable to look away from Angry Birds.

It's a simple enough premise: using a slingshot, players shoot squawking little birds at little green pigs, which are protected by structures. The idea is to strategize how to break the structure with the handful of birds available to get to (and kill) the pigs. If the aim isn't just right, the little birds explode into a cloud of feathers and you have one less chance to wipe the smile off the fat little pigs' faces.

Shooting a bird at pigs could get old after a while, so each level is progressively harder and each variety of bird does something a little different. After flinging a bird from the slingshot, a tap on the screen might divide one bird into three, speed up a bird or cause it to stop in place and drop like a big bomb.

While the premise is simple, game play is by no means simplistic and, again, is extremely addictive. If you have any other obligations in your life, you might want to get them out of the way before you download/buy this game. Or you're going to have some angry humans to contend with.