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Angel Olsen, July 31, Neurolux

Boise debut


If you found the video for Angel Olsen's "High Five" without knowing anything about the singer, you might think you'd stumbled onto a scene from a '60s experimental film: The color palette is dated, the lighting is harsh and Olsen's semaphoric gesturing looks like code for someone we'll never see on screen. But if the hypothesis was to prove Olsen's breathy, bittersweet singing--"I feel so lonesome, I could cry / but instead I'll pass the time"--would stay the focus regardless of what was happening around her, the experiment was a success. When Olsen looks into the camera, it's like she's daring you to turn away, but will carry on regardless. In a May 2014 interview with The New Yorker, writer Sasha Frere-Jones writes much the same:"When I met Angel Olsen earlier this year to talk about her second album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness [Jagjaguwar, 2014], she answered my questions about the way she performs her songs--she's perfectly happy to have you listen, but entirely unworried about your reaction."

The Thursday, July 31, show is Olsen's first visit to Boise first visit to Boise in support of Burn Your Fire for No Witness. Check her out: You'll be happy you listened, too.