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Andrew Anderson: As Long As This Thing's Flyin'


A bearded singer in a cowboy hat hailing from Boise collected drummer Luke Meade and guitarist J.R. Harris to form the "country/post punk/Western swing" band of no-nonsense country blues that would bare his name: Andrew Anderson.

The group's philosophy could be described in the track, "Damn It Man": "I smoke too much / I drink too much / I swear too much and my life is riddled with sin." But Anderson himself might, in a nutshell, best be described as an original homestyle voice paired with altruistic acoustic accoutrements.

It's this blending of Dylan-style vocals with structured rock chords and bittersweet subject matter that creates a wholesome album, As Long As This Thing's Flyin', their fourth full-length endeavor. The fast-paced number "The Hawk," in particular, makes this reviewer want to dance with a pretty lady.

The band has a variety of influences. On their MySpace profile, they quote Ernest Hemingway, Jack London and J.K. Rowling, and those inspirations are expressed via guitars, banjos, mandolins, drums, pianos and harps.

In the track "Necessary Casualties," Harris plays a delicate mandolin intro as Anderson croons a political message about war and its futility, questioning "this other guy / who sits at a desk and writes checks / that constantly send our nation further into debt."

Anderson and company celebrate the release of the CD with a shindig at Terrapin Station on Tuesday, Nov. 10. They'll share the party, which starts at 9 p.m., with friends SGFY and Jeremiah James. Best yet, the show is free.

As Long As This Thing's Flyin' harkens back to the days before synthesizers when fingers were callused, throats were sore and makin' your own sweet music hurt so good.

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