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And you, too?


Here's another familiar mug. Idaho Statesman sports editor Mike Prater, who showed up on the magnificent Ada County Sheriffs Office arrest page last December when he was arrested on charges of domestic assault (the top photo), made an encore appearance last Saturday when he was picked up for a DUI (the bottom photo). If current patterns hold and Prater is arrested a third time, his hair might actually leap off his head and attack the camera.

On Monday, May 15, Prater did not appear on Idaho Sports Talk, the radio talkshow he co-hosts with Jeff Caves. Neither Idaho Statesman executive editor Vicki Gowler nor managing editor Bill Manny returned BW's calls by press time in order to comment on Prater's status at the paper. But according to the Statesman's coverage of the 43-year-old sport's editor's previous legal entanglement, he is still in the middle of his one-year probation sentence for disturbing the peace. Prater pleaded guilty to that charge and was given a suspended sentence in April, meaning that if he remained a good boy during his probation, his guilty plea would be removed from the record. But it looks like that option just flew out of the park. (Wait, they only care about college football on the Statesman's sports page. Um ... that option "just paid someone to write a term paper but got a bad grade anyway." It'll have to do.)