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Boise Weekly Fiction 101 2018: And The Winners Are...


There was an unusually high number of entries to the Boise Weekly Fiction 101 Contest this year—180 in all. Among them, the mainstay themes of love, forgiveness, remembrance and nature jockeyed with others ejected from the collective unconscious like blaming mothers, spurned lovers and dead dogs.

The contest has always been a windsock of the social mood, and fortunately we scored five talented judges to pick the winners. This year, they numbered Rediscovered Books Co-owner Laura DeLaney, Idaho Commission on the Arts Literature Director Jocelyn Robertson, local author Christian Winn, Boise Public Library librarian RE Zickau and The Cabin Executive Director Kurt Zwolfer.

They gathered at BW headquarters on a cold night in early December 2017 to make their selections, which are printed below. For the full Fiction 101 experience, however, don't miss the reading party graciously hosted at Rediscovered Books on Thursday, Jan. 4, where readings of the winning stories will take place while the audience snacks on goodies from the Basque Market. A grand time will be had by all—we hope to see you there.