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And that, ladies and gents, was 2009.


In the final edition of Boise Weekly for the year, you'll find our annual year-end undertaking, Spuds and Duds. It's our way to get in the last word on the year's most outrageously great and outrageously bad deeds and stories. As I read through the highlights and the low points of the last year, courtesy of Bill Cope's "Spuds and Duds," my left eye started to twitch with a twinge of regret. Perhaps we should have spanned the entire decade at its close in this issue rather than confining ourselves to only the last 12 months.

I thought seriously what that list would have looked like:

• Dud: Election of 2000

• Dud: Sept. 11, 2001

• Dud: Eight years of war in Afghanistan

• Dud: Six and half years of war in Iraq

• Dud: Recession, unemployment, real estate bubble ...

And this is just the list I came up with before watching *Newsweek's "The Decade in Seven Minutes." That was the most depressing seven minutes of my week. Not only did I get a full seven minutes to relive all the political and natural disasters of the last decade--terrorist bombings, Southeast Asian tsunami, Katrina, the 2004 election, Sarah Palin--but I was reminded that it wasn't until this decade that the first black woman received a Best Actress Oscar (Halle Berry), the first woman took the seat as the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi), and of course, we've only just elected our first black president. Sadly, the highlight of CNN's seven minutes was a clip of Steve Jobs introducing the first-generation iPod almost 10 years ago.

Has the last decade really been that bad?

Thankfully, Cope has a better attitude than I do. He managed to ferret out plenty of spuds and has doled them out accordingly. I hope you enjoy this short trip down the memory lane of 2009.

And just one final reminder: BWHQ is closed until Monday, Jan. 4, so if you've been unable to reach us while our offices are closed for the holidays, be patient. We'll be back next week.

*In the original copy of this story, "The Decade in Seven Minutes" was incorrectly attributed to CNN.