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And I used to hate surprises • Dinosaurs Will Roam The Earth, But Not In Boise • Putting Boise On The Map


Uri Bogler and Spencer Nikosey decided to make their higher learning lead to higher earning and created a "pixel advertising site dedicated to increasing the exposure of music-related Web sites." Musicians purchase pixels worth of space on the site and then put logos, images or photos which, when clicked, steer viewers to a band's Web site, a place to buy music or wherever in the vortex of cyberspace a musician wants to direct his or her fans. The site's low-fi appearance is a bit refreshing when so many Web sites are becoming impossibly high-tech, is that lesser-known bands and musicians can buy space right next to bonafide rock stars. "Anthill Trading Limited purchased pixel ad space on behalf of its clients the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, David Bowie, Gavin Degraw and Velvet Revolver." Just imagine ... a photo of your band practicing in your mom's basement right next to a picture of Ziggy Stardust. (

Dinosaur Jr.'s first three albums were re-issued last year, they are planning to release a full-length concert DVD (their first-ever) and they are going on tour. All good news, no? No! Why? Because Boise isn't on the list of cities they are scheduled to visit. They have a show in Salt Lake City on April 16, a day off and then a show in Eugene on April 18. I'm sure they will want/need/cherish a day off, but they'll be so close. Sigh. Ah, leave wringing your hands and let me wring your heart: I dropped their PR people a note ( and asked them to please consider scheduling D. Jr. for a show here in Boise on April 17.

Boise bluester Smokin' Todd Sorenson has two songs on a Network Pacific Records sampler CD that features 10 original bands from all over the world. Network Pacific Records is a California-based jazz and blues record label in its infancy, but trying to make a name for itself in the community. Sorenson is joined by bassist Jason Griesa, drummer Larry Williams and piano/organist Wayne Levy. (