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An Unfortunate Series of Letters and Text


We received a phone call today from a woman upset that we had a link to a porn Web site within the body of one of our Website's stories. We couldn't believe it, but there it was, nestled into the last paragraph of Peter Wollheim's article about Intermountain Hospital "Patients vs. Profits". There, with the telltale blue underlined link in the last paragraph, was the link. This, we deduced through careful investigative work, was the unfortunate result of how our new website reads the stories we export to it. Apparently, if the software finds a period (.) with no spaces before or after, it recognizes it as a link to a Website. In the last paragraph we left out a space between two sentences which created "care.it". Thinking this sequence of letters was a Website, the software wrote in the code to treat it as such. Of course, .it is the Internet country code for Italy. And, in another unfortunate coincidence, CARE.IT turns out to be an Italian porn site.

This just goes to prove that when posting to the Internet, you need to make sure you dot your "I"s and cross your "T"s or else you might end up dotting your eyes and crossing your tees. We apologize for any offense or arousal we might have inadvertently caused.