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An Open Letter to DirecTV and Dish Network

CBC would be a great addition, eh?


Dear Mr. DirecTV and Mr. Dish,

I know you have been terribly busy trying to bash each other's brains in, but could one of you, please, please, please consider adding a stateside edition of Canadian channel CBC to your lineup?

For goodness sakes, BBC America is a major success here in the United States. Plus you fill our schedules with programming from Korea, Italy, Central America and everywhere else--but Canada. What do you have against our neighbors to the north?

Having grown up in a border town, I used to love original programming on the CBC, such as The National, Street Legal and, of course, Hockey Night in Canada. And to this day, anytime I travel to Toronto or Vancouver, I'm reminded that their shows have only gotten better. Little Mosque on the Prairie (that's a real show), George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (that's his real name) and The National (it's still on the air and has been since 1954) are all swell.

So how about a little love for our hoser cousins, eh?