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An Incentive to Dance • Until Next Year • Christmas •

Wednesday 20-friday 22

an incentive to dance

Avoid winter blahs and get that blood circulating with a little dancing this weekend. For the next few days, Balance Dance Company is hosting a contemporary holiday dance intensive workshop, featuring dancer and choreographer Molly Headley.

Headley currently lives and works in Los Angeles, where she is a founding member of Vox Dance Company and teaches pilates at the world-famous Winsor studio. Other highlights of her career include performances with Gerri Houlihan, Nesting Dolls Dance Co., Drop Dance Collective, The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and Dorn and Dancers. And she's not shy of television appearances either; she was featured in the Winsor Pilates infomercials, VH1's "Rock Bodies," MTV's "Spotlight on Dance," an Eminem video "Way I Am," "Dance for the Camera" and a PBS special on Liz Lerman.

Intermediate and advanced dancers are welcome to attend.

December 20-22, 10 a.m.-noon daily, $50 entire workshop, $18 per class, Fulton Street Theater (in the rehearsal loft), 854 Fulton St., Boise, 331-9224.

saturday 23

until next year

We cheered its return and now we're burrowing our heads and waving a sorrowful goodbye (until next year) to the Holiday Farmer's Market in downtown Boise. Today is your last chance to take home some tasty treats and artsy gifts for the holidays. Not only will you find locally grown fresh produce (including some pretty delicious cranberries fresh from the Northwest), there's also a world of last-minute gifts ranging from bath and body products to holiday wreaths just waiting for you.

11 a.m.-3 p.m., Downtown Boise on 8th Street.

sunday 24

We May Have Found One Good Reason to Drive

It's extremely rare that we actually encourage people to get in their cars, but today we're going to give it a shot with three words: free downtown parking, Downtown Boise Association's way to thank all those fearless holiday shoppers, diners and event-goers who have remained loyal downtown supporters.

Avoid the hassle of scrounging up those dollars for Mr. Parking Man and treat yourself to something sweet, sassy or somewhat unexpected, instead.

Free parking locations include public parking garages, Republic Parking, Old Boise Parking Lots, Car Park USA Parking Lots and Diamond Parking Lots.

8 a.m.-5 p.m. (after 5 p.m., the regular rates for each location apply), downtown Boise.

Monday 25

It's Christmas Day. Yippee!

And these folks want to be sure everyone spends their day with a full stomach ...

Miracles do Happen

In its third year, Miracle on Idaho Street--sponsored by Rock Bottom Restaurants--will clothe, dine and gift over 750 (personally invited) local homeless and displaced men, women and children from the Boise Rescue Mission. Guests will dine in a formal atmosphere complete with white linen tablecloths, sparkling silverware and a traditional Christmas meal served on china. Following dinner, Santa will pay a special visit with gifts, including blankets, toys, school supplies, clothing and much more.

It's a good meal, for a great cause ... and we just thought you should know.

A Little Holiday Spirit = A Very Happy Belly

Stop by The Emerald City Club and they may even pull out your chair (after generously opening their doors) for a free and festive dinner awaiting all guests 21 and over.

1-4 p.m., The Emerald City Club, 415 S. 9th St., Boise, 342-5446

wednesday 27

From the Bronx to Neurolux

Come out all you '80s lovers. We know you're out there ... just like us, sometimes tending to hide behind the mask of the aughts, though deep down you awake each day hoping somehow to relive those formative years equipped with big hair, stone-washed jeans and films like Flashdance and Beat Street--just to incorporate the break dancing. What we're really hoping for is a little less of the hair and a lot more of the dance. Fortunately for all of us, Boise's break dance scene is alive and well.

Introduced on the streets of the Bronx in the early 1970s, break dancing was thought to be a "method for rival gangs of the ghetto to mediate and settle territorial disputes. In a turn-based showcase of dance routines, the winning side was determined by the dancer(s) who could outperform the other by displaying a set of more complicated and innovative moves." By the time it's popularity faded in the late 80s, break dancing had inspired terms categorizing moves such as toprock, uprock, downrock, freezing, cyphers and more.

Last year, some local folks teamed up to host various local and out-of-state dancers to compete in a competition entitled Project Om. This year, DJ Revolve (regular weekend DJ at the Neurolux) is putting on a (somewhat) similar event at the Neurolux. The event is part promotion (introducing a new, local clothing line, Rhetoric Style), a lot music (with music from DJ Revolve and emcees Origin and Timbuk II) and all break dancing.

The competition will be individually based rather than teams battling against one another as they did at Project Om. All interested break dancers just need to show up by 9 p.m., register and get ready to put on a show. The winner will take home a $150 cash prize. Following the competition, emcees Origin and TimBuk II (both from local band Kampfire Collective) will rap over the musically spun stylings of DJ Revolve.

Registration at 9 p.m., competition at 10 p.m., $4 cover, Neurolux, 111 N. 11th, Boise, 343-0886,