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American Royalty Comes to Boise

Saturday, Feb. 25 at Neurolux


American Royalty, a Los Angeles-based three-piece, blends blues, soul and electronica. Comprised of Marc Gilfry, Billy Scher and Mat Ungson, this psychedelic trio turns genre-bending into a mantra.

The group's sound features blues bass lines and guitar riffs, and midway through a verse you think you're listening to the Raconteurs--until whumping electronica pops in. "Lately," the band's most recent single, is the best indicator of the band's style, with garage-rock flair fused to synth jamming. In tandem, Gilfry and Scher croon: "I slipped out in the middle of the night / tryin' to find a better bed to lay my head."

The songs are as spacey as the flaming cacti that festoon the covers of both EP offerings, El Ardemo and the just-released Matchstick. With jubilant panache, American Royalty crafts a sound that feels playfully serendipitous yet delightfully complex.

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