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Alter Tonight at VAC


When PussyGutt's Blake Green started side project Alter, he went for something more Romantic and Gothic than PG's doom and gloom.

Horror-movie echoes of long keyboard chords boom under deep guitar twangs that reverberate like a coffin full of old cowboy bones while haunting unintelligible choruses are made-up of layer upon layer of voices, all of which belong to Green.

Alter's music sounds sort of '70s experimental, but with all the experimenting done long before the record button was ever pushed. Green is meticulous about each note and the long songs are a study in focus--probably for audiences, too. To perform the multi-instrumental music live, Green enlisted his PG partner Brittany McConnell, as well as musicians Elijah Jensen, Steve Gere and Jake Hite, who Green had rehearsing repeatedly so that this live debut of Alter will be hair-raisingly perfect. This show is also a kick-off for PG's new tour.