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Allison Moorer: Getting Somewhere

CD Review


Allison Moorer is one of those artists who's hard to classify. Is she pop/rock, folk, or country? As with other artists--including her mentor Lonesome Bob, her sister Shelby Lynn, or her husband, Steve Earle--that's not always a bad thing.

Allison Moorer may be best known for her hit song, "A Soft Place to Fall", from The Horse Whisperer soundtrack. Adding to her repertoire with her latest release, Getting Somewhere, Moorer provides a slight collection of short songs with a distinctively popular flair. The ten songs on this CD run just a bit over 30 minutes.

Except for one song, "Fairweather," written with Steve Earle, Moorer wrote all of the songs. The CD starts with a catchy pop tune, "Work To Do." There's "Where You Are" written for her older sister, the Grammy Award-winning Shelby Lynn. "How She Does It" is a song about how she wished her mother would have coped with her father's abuse. And "If It's Just For Today" is a reality-based love song she wrote for Steve Earle, who she recently married after touring with him a couple years ago.

This new CD showcases Moorer's songwriting, her luscious voice and the latest development in her career. In the end, it leaves you wanting more. When you go looking for Getting Somewhere or any of her previous releases, you'll be faced with the pop/rock, folk or country question.

A local record store answered the question by filing Moorer in the country category. That may not be the correct place for her newest CD. It's not where I looked first, but when it comes to a singer-songwriter like Allison Moorer, it's worth the effort to track her music down.