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All Hale the Wyoming Sheriffs!


The specifics of how Harlan Hale, BW's newly anointed Fugitive Editor-at-Large, began his 10-day vacation from Ada County lockdown are still unclear. But at least he is no longer living up to his title of "at-large."

Hale was apprehended in remote Uinta County, Wyoming (population: 19,700) on June 27, in a chase that was more elaborate than either Hale or the Uinta County Sheriffs Department anticipated. It began-take heed, aspiring fugitives-when Hale made the classic beginner's mistake of getting out of bed before noon. According to the authoritative Uinta County Herald, the fugitive was tooling around in a stolen Nissan pickup at 7:15 a.m. when he was spotted by an officer from the nearby 2000-person blip of Lyman. The pair quickly began a brief chase through residential neighborhoods, punctuated with Hale stealing another vehicle, a truck, at gunpoint.

Throughout coffee hour and brunch time, Hale led an increasing number of officers from multiple law enforcement agencies in a meandering hunt across byways and rural service roads before finally high-centering his truck on a berm. He then fled on foot across the desert before being apprehended by a team of officers just before lunchtime.

Hale initially refused to give his name to Wyoming authorities, but the Uinta sheriffs contacted the Ada County Sheriffs Office at 11:50 a.m. and asked for photos and fingerprints of Hale. His identity was soon confirmed, and Hale was charged with a heap of felonies, including aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. He is currently awaiting extradition to Idaho, where he will face another heap, including attempted murder of a police officer, robbery, receiving stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.