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Alive After Five: The Ravenna Colt

Wednesday, Aug. 19, Grove Plaza


For the past couple of years, the lineup for Alive After Five each week has been a local band opening for a national (or even international) act. This year, amid the dust and plastic fencing surrounding the construction of the massive City Center Plaza, the more-intimate AAF has had a similar set-up with a few exceptions: headlining locals Hollow Wood and Amuma Says No, for example. On Aug. 19, the exception will have an exception with headliner The Ravenna Colt, fronted by former-global-guitarist-turned-local rocker Johnny Quaid.

Quaid and his family moved to Boise about five years ago. Although he'd been through once with My Morning Jacket, Quaid couldn't have guessed he'd end up raising his kids here.

"Some doors opened, and all of a sudden we were here," Quaid said in a March 2015 interview with Boise Weekly. "Literally, I'm not exaggerating, we completely fell in love with [Boise]."