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Alive After Five: Sway Wild (feat. Mandy Fer and Dave McGraw)

The Grove Plaza, July 10


It's evident that Sway Wild (formerly called "Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer") is heavily influenced by nature. Not only was McGraw a wildlife biologist for a decade—he and Fer also recorded their third album Off-Grid Lo Fi (2016) on a virtually uninhabited island near Washington State using only solar- and wind-generated electricity. There's something to be said about Fer's cogent riffs paired with the duo's subdued harmonies that makes for easy listening. On their song "Need a Mountain," the listener is pulled through the sound with Fer's hushed voice slowly building into an anthem of revelation for both the listener and the singer. Much of the bands music has the ability to pull the listener into a trance, so at their Alive After Five set, feel free to sway (or dance) with mild abandon.