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Alive After Five Stays Put

Construction in the Grove isn't changing Alive After Five's tune


The Grove Plaza will never look the same as it did last summer.

Since the Gardner Company—known for building the mammoth Eighth and Main Tower—broke ground on the City Center Plaza in June 2014, a large chunk of the Grove has been consumed by construction and tall fencing.

As the Grove changes to accommodate a subterranean transit center, a nine-story office building and five-story convention facility, that won't stop the summer concert series Alive After Five from claiming its home in the iconic public space.

The weekly, Wednesday night party sponsored by the Downtown Boise Association and attended by thousands every week has taken place on the Grove for almost 30 years. From June 4 through Aug. 26, the Gardner Company is committed to keeping it that way.

"I'm happy to say that Alive After Five is still scheduled to take place on the Grove this year," said Strategies 360 Communications Associate Nicole Kinney, speaking on behalf of Gardner. "We know that the concert series is a favorite community tradition and, as one of the events that makes this spot our city's premier gathering place, it's near and dear to the Gardner Company's own hearts."

That couldn't be better news for DBA Executive Director Karen Sander, who has been trying to figure out exactly where Alive After Five would land amid the construction.

"As soon as the roof on the Main Street Station [transit center] gets built, the construction fencing that is on the plaza right now will be pushed back," Sander told Boise Weekly. "Then, the Grove will be pretty close to its usual size."

For a while, the location for Alive After Five was in doubt. If construction took up too much space to host the event in the Grove, Sander and her staff were looking at two back-up plans: Capitol Park and the Basque Block. The City Council even approved a special accommodation that would allow the DBA and other event organizers to serve alcohol in Capitol Park.

Even though Alive After Five will stay in its longtime home, the remodeling will be obvious.

"The stage and vendor configuration may look a bit different this year," Kinney cautioned.