Alive After Five: Slim Cessna's Auto Club with Poke


When Slim Cessna's Auto Club rolls into town tonight, toss any preconceived notions you have about what a Denver, Colo.-based band will sound like right out the window.

Tall drinks of water Slim Cessna and Munly provide spellbinding vocals and visuals, and the hundreds who flock to Alive After Five each week may find themselves looking more at the stage and less at the throng of bodies that fill the plaza. What they'll all be hearing is a tent-revivalist mix of country, gothic Americana, rock, something-a-billy and old-time folk that, combined with the summer heat, may cause a few to suffer the vapors.

Slim and the band will be joined by locals Poke, another group that makes you question your ideas about what country, Americana and rock should sound like.