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Alive After Five: Scars on 45

Aug. 9, Grove Plaza



Scars on 45 celebrates its 10th birthday this year, although the UK-based alt-rock band still feels like a fairly new voice.

Before its popular single "Give Me Something," which debuted in 2011, Scars on 45 was known mostly as a local band in its English hometown of Bradford, Yorkshire. Its songs, however, occasionally jumped the pond to play on American TV shows like CSI: NY and Grey's Anatomy, broadening its audience.

Now, buoyed by its successful second album Safety in Numbers (2014, Nettwerk), Scars on 45 is house-hopping across America, including an Aug. 9 visit to Boise for Alive After Five. If you're into acoustic melodies and Fleetwood Mac-esque country flair, don't miss these soccer players-turned-musicians at the Grove on Wednesday night.

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